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Effective Stress Relief Tips That Will Lead to a Higher Quality of Life

Stress is an unfortunate part of life today for almost everyone. Whether it is a major event like divorce or a move that is causing your stress, or simply the day to day stresses that we all have to grapple with, stress is a very real phenomenon in our culture today. The good news about stress is that there are a number of effective stress relief tips that you can put into practice that will help to tame your tension and encourage rest and relaxation in your life.

Expression and Communication

One of the first stress relief tips that you can learn to do is to express your feelings and anxieties clearly and precisely. Whether you do this to yourself to help define your stress as a first step in resolving it, or use it as a means to talk through your problem with a trusted friend or relative, expressing the stress that you are feeling is an effective first step in dealing with it. Sometimes the easiest way to get your feelings out is by writing them down, so keeping a journal can be a very effective stress relief tip for those who like to write. It also gives you the opportunity to go back and read about previous stressful situations in your life and how you went about solving the problems of that time period. Journaling is an effective means of self-evaluation and assessment, as well as a good method of expressing your feelings.

Tension Tamers

Sometimes you just need a way to get the tension out of your system, and there are a number of good stress relief tips that will serve this precise purpose. First, humor is always a good stress reduction tool, so find time to spend with people who make you laugh or a humorous book that you enjoy reading. Posting cartoons on your bulletin board or refrigerator is another good method for reminding yourself to laugh when the going gets tough. Another good stress relief tip is to keep a toy nearby that is specifically used for stress reduction, such as a squishy ball or a stretchy figure. Sometimes the best stress relief tip is to spend time in an activity that you enjoy, such as a creative hobby or sport. Speaking of sports, physical exercise is still one of the best ways to reduce tension and encourage quality relaxation time.

Self Indulgence

Self-indulgent activities can be a wonderful way to clear the mind and allow the body to relax. Massage is usually the first stress relief tip that comes to mind in this category, and can include a home massage with the aid of an electric massager, or an appointment with a professional masseuse. Sometimes simply sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet room, indulging in some deep breathing exercises can do the trick in reducing the tension of the day. Whatever you choose as your favorite stress relief tip, remind yourself that taking the time to regain your mental health on a busy day is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well being.